Innovative Community Participation

Wellness Care Innovative Community Participation Program is designed to support individuals with disabilities. They build skills through practice and work alongside highly skilled health professionals who can help them adopt a capacity-building approach for their community participation and employment. These professionals focus on increasing the likelihood of transition away from services into informal supports or employment functions.

Community Engagement Practitioners maintain a focus on resilience, wellbeing, and personal growth to connect with the community in ways that are tailored to best suit individuals’ needs.  As appropriate, participants who access this program can expect support working on:

  • The value of community involvement, social contribution, and interpersonal relationships in maintaining personal well-being
  • Self-awareness and self-care are important.
  • Identifying personal interests, skillsets, and passions and connecting them to career paths
  • Self-control and emotional awareness
  • Adaptive social competence includes a better understanding of social norms and expectations.
  • Their feelings about their disability, independence, self-worth, and confidence
  • Navigating systems and programs to be successful in their community and career path Preparation and assistance in obtaining training and job.
  • Capacity building for accessing help in the community without the need for regular official assistance

How to join Innovative Community Participation?

Wellness Care is a registered NDIS provider and can provide Innovative Community Participation support to portal-managed (NDIS-Managed), plan-managed and self-managed NDIS participants. 

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