Accommodation & Tenancy Assistance

Support to guide, prompt, or perform efforts to ensure the participant obtains/retains appropriate housing is defined by the NDIS as Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy Obligations. Assisting with the application for a rental tenancy or fulfilling tenancy requirements is one example.

Support is offered to assist the client in obtaining/maintaining adequate housing by guiding, prompting, or carrying out activities. The level of assistance supplied is determined by the individual’s skills and abilities. Staff with skills and expertise in housing and tenancy support give and/or supervise help. Assistance with applying for a rental tenancy and fulfilling tenancy requirements is one example.

Reachability can give one-on-one support to help participants achieve their specific Accommodation and Tenancy goals, such as overcoming hurdles to a current tenancy or assisting participants in exploring and obtaining alternative homes.

Assessment, specific case planning, practical one-on-one assistance, interaction with service providers, and capacity-building assistance are all part of our Accommodation and Tenancy service, which helps people accomplish their individual goals.

Case planning and practical help can involve the following, depending on individual circumstances and goals:

  • Assisting participants in redefining or developing their housing objectives
  • Working with DHHS, real estate agents, and landlords to identify obstacles to preserving at-risk leases.
  • Identifying and putting in place methods to keep current tenancies
  • Alternative housing possibilities are being investigated.
  • Assisting with applications for private rentals
  • Assisting with the submission of DHHS rental applications
  • assisting participants in obtaining a DHHS Bond Loan as well as necessary household items
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