Assist Travel Transport

Taking public transportation to and from appointments, work, or to see family and friends can be difficult at times. Our transportation assistance involves assisting participants in developing their ability to travel independently. This includes public transportation training.

Wellness Care professionals can promote a participant’s independence by assisting them in learning public transportation routes, bus/train timetables, purchasing and refilling an MYKI card, and how to use it. Our goal is to make your public transportation journey as simple and enjoyable as possible, so you can enjoy your time out in the community.

When a member is unable to travel alone, an NDIS plan may incorporate the use of taxis or other private transportation choices. Wellness Care has a wheelchair-accessible van to assist those who are unable to use public transportation. We may take you to your appointment or other locations in the community and then return with you.


We offer a handy transportation service that can be planned of time and can carry you to:

  • Appointments with doctors
  • Location of education
  • Work
  • Shopping mall in the neighborhood
  • Anywhere else in your neighborhood
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