Daily Living & Life Skills Development

Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities, which can help increase a participant’s ability to live independently. Life Skills are abilities that enable humans to deal with the demands in their lives effectively.

Wellness Care offers a range of services to help you achieve your goals and improve everyday living. We have a particular focus on building confidence, independence, and skills for communication. Our services are designed to assist you in navigating all the problems faced in daily life, as well as implementing strategies that will increase potential so your lives can be more manageable.

If you are looking for training and development in life skills, we can offer support through individual or group activities. Training focuses on building the capacity of participants to manage everyday challenges like managing their daily life, home care practices, and social situations. We provide a wide range of different services depending on your needs – from Personal hygiene to toileting personal care, meal preparation, communication with service providers, and support networks – discovering how best to live independently.

Wellness Care