Assist Prod-Pers with their care and safety

We strive to make a better life for our members as your registered NDIS provider by delivering individualized services. We offer at Wellness Care personal health care items, consumables, and continence products, routine continence aids, grooming aids, safety equipment, and products such as beds and mattresses under this support category.


  • Alarms for Incontinence (Buzzer or similar used incontinence training)
  • AT For Personal Care and Safety At A Low Cost
  • Catheters, bags, night bottles or bags, and change kits are all available.
  • intermittent catheters with lubrication and gel –
  • Personalized incontinence package
  • Nappy, sheaths, leg bags, drain bag or bottle, straps
  • Adult inserts/pads, Pull Up or Brie
  • Technology that helps people with disabilities
Wellness Care