Home Modifications

Home modifications are adjustments to a person’s home’s structure, layout, or fittings that allow them to feel safe in their surroundings and move around comfortably in areas they frequent.

Wellness Care is an NDIS-approved home modification company that can help clients improve and optimize their living environment to encourage independence, maximize participation, and ensure their safety.

To guarantee that home renovation are fit-for-purpose, we collaborate with builders and other tradesmen, property owners, landlords, and other important persons. We support a wide range of modifications, from modest tweaks to major overhauls, such as NDIS-approved bathroom upgrades.

Our Occupational Therapists will also work with clients and their families to find reasonable and necessary adaptations for long-term success.

Home Modifications Approved by the NDIS

To measure the complexity of diverse Assistive Technology requirements, the NDIA employs three tiers.

If the following conditions are met, home adaptations may be included in an NDIS plan:

You or your caregivers cannot reasonably access frequently used rooms and spaces in your primary residence due to the impact of your disability; your primary residence, in its current condition, has significant and adverse impacts on the sustainability of current living and care arrangements; and a suitably qualified Occupational Therapist has assessed and recommended home modifications, considering all options, including the use of equipment.

Our therapists will make sure that any laws and regulations that must be followed when making house modifications are followed.

NDIS Home Modifications are divided into several categories

The NDIS has divided the financing needs for home improvements into three groups.

Simple Home Improvements

These adjustments are inexpensive and simple to implement for NDIS participants. Modifications such as grab rails and shower chairs positioned on the wall are examples.

Minor Home Improvements

Minor changes aren’t foundational, but they do necessitate professional assistance in identifying and delivering the best solution. Non-structural door widening, for example, has a minimal scope of work and associated expenses.

Complex Home Modifications (CHM)

These improvements entail structural alterations that are more costly, riskier, and necessitate a higher degree of certification. Work may be done in several parts of a home, and the results may have a greater impact on the participant’s life.

Assessments for NDIS Home Modifications

To determine whether Home Modification recommendations are appropriate and required to include in a participant’s plan, the NDIA requires sufficient evidence. A qualified expert assesses and makes recommendations about parts of a home that can be improved to improve access, independence, or safety.

We appreciate that the NDIA’s vast amount of Home Modification material can be confusing and daunting for our clients. Our therapists have a thorough awareness of the NDIS Home Modification standards and will explain and clarify this information so that their clients may better comprehend the NDIS assessment process.

Our evaluations include recommendations on the scope of the Home Modification to be evaluated, such as accessibility improvements or other adaptations for people with impairments.

Our Services for Home Modification

Wellness Care is an NDIS-approved provider of home modifications. Our Occupational Therapists can help you adjust to suit your goals and anticipated future needs. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that their home modifications are tailored to their specific needs and goals, allowing them to live more independently in their homes.

We can help with the following types of modifications:

  • In-home or outside-of-the-home grab rails
  • Changes to the Bathroom
  • Changes to the Kitchen
  • Door widenings Ramps

Our NDIS-certified therapists are experienced in assisting clients with Assistive Technology and home modifications.

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